Throughout our mission trip something the Lord taught me was just how big He is. Our first night we had the opportunity to worship with a local church and it was so amazing to see these beautiful people praising the same God that we worship in America! I was reminded that He is a God of unity and desperately wants a relationship will ALL people from ALL nations! I had the chance to speak with one young girl after one of our conferences and at the end of our conversation she hugged me and told me with a huge smile on her face, “I will see you in heaven!” This was such a sweet moment that reminded me of the hope that the gospel brings! God is bigger than the limits this earth places on us. He is bigger than the enemy trying to keep us away from a conference when our bus broke down. He is bigger than our feelings of disappointment or defeat that we felt after our first conference. He is bigger than the darkness we felt as we walked through the streets. His plan, while it may have been different than our plan, was bigger and better than we could have imagined and it brought Him the glory He deserves!

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