The Generational Impact of the Gospel

On the night of the first conference, I had the opportunity of getting to talk to several young adults girls who had some questions after the meeting. They asked me questions regarding friendships and relationships. It was very encouraging getting to talk to them because it reminded me of similar questions I have asked older mentors in past years. It reminded me of the generational impact we can have on others and why it is so important to have godly mentors/community. If it weren't for those godly mentors who poured into me, I wouldn't have been able to answer the questions the girls had.

Another situation that reminded me of the importance of the generational impact we have is when we got to meet with a school. On the last day of the conference, our team got to meet with Anita Methodist School and talk to the senators and staff. What caught my eye was their God-fearing Principle, Mrs. Joan. You could see by the way she carried herself by her actions, that she was a woman who loved the Lord. The foundation of her school was centered in Christ, and that carried into the way the school was run. When we talked to the student leadership of the school, we could easily see the impact the staff had on them. The student leader's lives and decisions reflected Christ and it was all being done because of Mrs. Joan. Her true dedication and love for the Lord generationally impacted others. I decided that I also want to be poured into by her so, I was very enthusiastic when Mrs. Joan invited me to join her Bible study that meets on Tuesday mornings.

In the end, I learned how crucial it is to have Christ as the center of our lives. When we do, others can see from it and learn. I am thankful for my mentors who have poured into me (like Mrs. Joan) so I can pour out to others for the glory of His Kingdom!

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