It's crazy to think that it has been almost a month since we left for Huacho, Peru. I have been able to reflect since then and get some wisdom on what happened through this trip. God allowed me to go on this mission trip this year as a leader rather than a student. Having a leadership role on this trip allowed me to see how God works behind the scenes and all is within God's will. The main takeaway I have from this trip is how God speaks to me through other people. Before I went to Peru this year I really didn't take what people where saying to me seriously and just brush it to the side. I was talking to our student pastor about an important situation and God allowed me to realize that God is pointing me to Christ through the Christians I surround myself with. Growing up I was not a Christian but I still had aspirations to become an Engineer when I was older. Since becoming a Christian I still want to be an Engineer but now I want to share the gospel through the work I do. I really feel called to go somewhere in South America after college and enter the missions field with the experience I have with Engineering. It was right before we were leaving from Peru when I decided to talk to Mr. Tippie about how I felt. Mr. Tippie said that there is always a place for me in Huacho, Peru if I feel called to go there and they will help me and my mission journey. Another amazing thing that I got to do personally was preach on Friday night. God put on my heart to talk about disciples of Christ. The service went so well and most of all of the church felt the impact of how God was speaking through me. Before I go back to Peru hopefully one day I might have the opportunity to go on another missions trip and if it is where God is calling me then I will 100% go. Overall, I am so thankful for this wonderful trip to Peru and how it was able to help see how God is working in my life and the ones I surround myself with.

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