Wow! First of all praise God for allowing such an amazing trip to be this successful! God deserves all of the glory in all that was accomplished during this trip. The one word I will take away the most from this trip is clarity. Going into this trip I would say I wasn’t thinking correctly, whether that be seeking a relationship with a girl or going to a different college or my faith at college! God provided so much clarity through this trip! I am so thankful for the wonderful team that God created for this trip and how each and everyone poured into me and how I poured into them. On the first night we got to India I wasn’t having the right state of mind. I wanted a girlfriend so bad that it has been hurting my faith rather than seeking a relationship with Christ I was wanting a relationship with a girl and putting my relationship with Christ on hold. On that night God spoke through some of the people telling me that I should not be seeking that earthly relationship but make sure that my faith and relationship is so strong with Christ that a relationship with a girl will not hinder my faith, God also gave me clarity in not seeking a girlfriend but allowing God to provide that in his timing. Another piece of clarity that God put on me this trip was deciding not to go to Clemson and transfer. I honestly don’t know why I had that thought for a while I was clouding my vision of what amazing people God was placing in my life at Uncc and how I could be a light to others that I wasn’t enjoying my time. Over the trip I got a question, why did you want to go to Clemson and at that moment I couldn’t even give an answer because God has placed amazing friends at Uncc and their programs are pretty up there. So God provided clarity that I am supposed to stay at Charlotte for now! Lastly, God has provided clarity on this trip by showing me that he has prepared my heart for this next semester and that even in the trials Christ is still with me. I feel that God put on my heart that I was overthinking to much and thinking about the wrong topics at college first semester so truly having a renewed mindset on Christ has allowed me to now have clarity going into this next semester to better live out my faith!

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