Lessons & Praises

While in South Asia, I witnessed three practical ways the work of the Lord was lived out. Our hosts, a pastor and his wife, sacrificed a tremendous amount of planning, time with family, sleep, and work to take us into places where we were able to serve. They are walking in daily obedience to God's call for them to stay in their country and serve their local church. The Lord so clearly and beautifully uses their lives as vessels to touch and be light to their community, and they continually pray God would open the eyes of their community to the blindness of idolatry.

Christian schools in this city are obeying God's call to provide for the next generation physically, emotionally, and most importantly, spiritually. Children who are able, financially and at the decision of their family, are provided opportunities to learn, lead, and grow which enables a change of earthly life trajectory as well as eternal. At one particular school, teachers and staff begin each morning with a 20-minute prayer and Bible study time, abiding in the Lord to be equipped for His work that day. I was encouraged as we participated in this time and tasted a fraction of this God-given strength each day against physical barriers.

Third and finally, I witnessed the faith of the church through brothers and sisters who attended the Renew conference we lead at three locations. We experienced God’s Spirit move as He led students and young adults to approach our team after and ask for prayer, or ask deep questions about living as a follower of Christ, and by pronouncing blessing and encouragement even to us. A real challenge was planning content and executing in a way that culturally landed with the crowd. As most of our team had never traveled to this continent, we tried our best to absorb information and adjust as we could. I can most certainly say that regardless of our preparation or execution, God does the heart work. Psalm 127:1 reminds us that: "Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain." I saw the Lord's humbling and softening work in my heart and saw evidence of heart work in several youth we talked and prayed with through this trip. He is renewing the hearts of His children and drawing them/us near to Himself. Praise the Lord!

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