Overwhelming Joy!

Something I continually noticed throuhgout the trip was the overwhelming joy in each believer we met! Their genuine kindness and generosity was incredible. Before going on the trip, we often discussed the beauty of how God unites us. It wasn't until I was there, though, that I recognized how true this really is! The unity we had in Christ was so beautiful and we automatically connected because of our shared faith and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ! So something I've taken away from this trip was how that joy isn't based on our circumstances, possessions, or comfortability. Joy can be found in the messiest, most challenging places because joy isn't dependant on circumstances! God is the wellspring of joy and this was so evident in the lives of the believers we met on the trip. I left feeling so encouraged and spurred on in my faith! My prayer is that my life would also pour out this beautiful joy in the Lord!