The Hope of Jesus

On the day of our last conference, we had the opportunity to go and observe a large Christian school of students from elementary up to high school. We got to speak and interact with the student senators, who are the leaders of their grade, and we were able to answer some questions they had for us about struggles they observed among the student body. This was a very encouraging time and it was awesome to see the faith of these young students. After this, we spoke with all the teachers of the school and answered some of their questions about the struggles they see in the students. Again, this time was so encouraging to see how the teachers are such great examples of servant leaders and really care about the children they are instructing and preparing for the next stages in life. The principal shared with us the struggles of the school and that many of the students come from broken families and how they are having a difficult time paying for the school. This was a very emotional time and many of us were in tears listening to their struggles. Despite this, the teachers and even the students were always so happy and I realized that it is the hope of Jesus that brings them everlasting joy. This convicted me and strengthened my faith and it makes me want to live out the hope of Jesus with everything I have no matter the challenges I face!