The Lord will have His victory!

As we drove 2 hours to host a conference for young adults, our bus broke down from 'wear and tear.' This bus faithfully drove us all around the area for touring and meals, this was clearly the enemy's way of stopping the conference and ultimately halting the expansion of the Kingdom. We spent 2 hours waiting for a new bus. As we waited, two bikers pulled over with tools asking if they can help fix the bus. I felt this was a reminder from the Lord that He hears our cries and that He is in control. They kindly worked on our bus as we loaded onto a smaller bus and made it to the conference with 10 minutes to set up! After the conference, I had the great blessing of talking to a girl who had lost her father last year. Alongside our leader, Hema Hopper, we told her of the love and comfort that God has for her. After welcoming Jesus into her heart, Hema prayed with her in their language, and I watched with tears in my eyes as her face was lit with joy! The Lord had His victory over our journey and in this girl's heart!

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