Leverage Medical Care (Mediterranean)

Opportunity Overview

Use your medical training as an extension of our local partnering church who is reaching out to it's new neighbors, millions of refugees fleeing regional conflict. As a result, hundreds are coming to Christ! Years from now, these refugees will take the Good news of the Gospel and this model of ministry back to their homeland when the conflict is over. Come play a role in changing the spiritual landscape in the Mediterranean.

Specific Roles Needed: Our partner has requested a general team of doctors and nurses. They indicated a dentist, eye doctor and OBGYN would be great additions to this team.

Roles already filled: Pediatrician, Plastic Surgeon, ENT and Nurse

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Cost: $2,400.00

Application Fee: $100.00

Milestone Amount Due Date
Non-Refundable Deposit $100.00 8/1/2019
50% of Funds $1,200.00 9/25/2019
100% of Funds $2,400.00 10/25/2019
Form Description Due Date Required?
Minor Forms All team members 17 and under on the day of departure please print and fill out these forms and return them to your trip leader. Please note that there are TWO Parental Release forms, we are required by the US Government to have a signed Parental Release from both parents in order for your child to leave the country. If a parent is traveling with your child, we only need a form from the parent who is not traveling.
Lois Bumpus Scholarship Application This scholarship is available for Carmel Members who are 16-26 going on a Carmel sponsored trip. Here is the application to the scholarship.

Please make sure you have enough time allotted to fill out the entire application, we recommend allowing around an hour to spend on the application.
Passport Copy Please email Alesha Smith a scanned, color copy of your passport ASAP Required
ADULT - Background Check This form is required by all team members 18 or older on the day of departure.

Please note that we only need this form updated every 3 years, if you have questions about the last time you had a background check through Carmel please contact the Nations ministry and we will verify if we need an updated form.
ADULTS - Release & Consent This form is required by all team members 18 and older on the day of trip departure for each trip you go on. Required
ADULTS - Child Protection Policy/Screening This form is required by all team members 18 or older on the day of trip departure.

Please note that our policy has been updated as of July 2018 so we will need all team members to review the policy and submit this form to comply with the updated policy.
  1. Must have a valid passport that does not expire before December 14, 2019
  1. Apply for the trip and pay the $100 non-refundable deposit
  2. Fill out the paperwork under the Forms tab
  3. Create a personalized trip page
  4. Check with your primary doctor or the CDC website for recommended vaccinations
  5. Commit to attending all team meetings, including the debrief meeting after your trip returns
  6. Make sure that 100% of your finances are turned in 2 weeks prior to your departure

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Application Fee: $100.00

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